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SIP VAPE Sport Electronic Ignition Kit - DC - Vespa PK S XL XL2 ETS


Vespa PK50-125/S/XL/XL2/ETS, flywheel ca.: 1390g, aluminium CNC, cone 20/20mm, 9 coils, 12 magnet, 12V, DC, M12 mm, 110 watt, variable ignition timing.

Powerful and reliable ignition as an update for classic Vespa models.

The advantages of this ignition speak for themselves

  • Strong power supply
  • Strong, reliable spark
  • Particularly stable flywheel

Technical specifications :

  • A relatively high 110W power is available from tick-over for greatly improved lighting.
  • Can also power additional electrical components such as a fuel pump, lambda sensor heating, USB power-port etc.
  • Precisely balanced flywheel due to its one-piece construction.
  • Plug & Play installation without a strobe-lamp due to precise ignition point markings.
  • Perfectly arranged rotational mass, improved throttle-response.
  • Ideal cooling performance, identical with original straight-finned type.
  • Twelve-finned, CNC machined fanwheel.
  • RPM linked variable ignition point (SIP PERFORMANCE 'Sport' version).
  • Complete delivery includes : CDI, Fly/fanwheel, rectifier (DC), regulator (AC).
  • Single woodruff key slot on crankshaft mounting of the flywheel, avoiding incorrect set up.
  • High end materials, precise production and laser-cut logo.

Free postage on all UK orders

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