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SIP Road XL Racing Exhaust - Vespa PX 125 150


Steel construction, voluminous five segment manifold section, strengthened attachment bracket, heat-resistant paint, plug & play - the perfect addition to your Vespa set up!

This pipe resembles the original item so closely most have to look again to guess its true heritage and potential. It has enormous internal dimensions, very similar to the volume of most bazooka style expansion / silencer type systems. The SIP Road XL is assembled using a double-walled construction. It has been designed with a layer of silencer wool between the solid outer and inner perforated layers of steel to ensure that this exhaust sounds as unobtrusive as it looks. 

The full power potential of the SIP ROAD XL really comes into its own on motor set ups with 20 hp and more. The results it achieved on various SIP test scooters certainly raised a few eyebrows! A POLINI 177cc cylinder with a 60mm con-rod crankshaft, 28mm carburettor and a YAMAHA RD 350 reed-valve manifold produced 20.9 hp in combination with the XL. One of SIP's scooters fitted with a MHR cylinder, 60mm con-rod crankshaft, 34mm PWK carburettor and a MMW reed-valve manifold was capable of producing 28.3 hp, both measured at the rear wheel!

Free postage on all UK orders

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