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SIP Performer Tyre with Tubeless Aluminium Wheel Rim in Polished 3.50 x 10 - Lambretta


3.50-10", 59P, TL, reinforced, ECE-R75, KBA 50164 tyre mounted on a Lambretta SIP aluminium tubeless wheel rim in either quantities of one, two or three.

Rim details: 2.10x10 Valve remounted, includes longer hub studs, nordlock washers and nuts

The new SIP tubeless rims are successful and reliable. This rim allows you to use tires without a tube. In case of a puncture a sudden air leak will be prevented, the air pressure will decrease slowly. Blown tires will be a thing of the past. 

SIP Performer tyres are all weather tyres which are long lasting, reliable and approved for speeds up to 93mph.


Free postage on all UK orders

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