SIP Performance Gear Clutch Cable Nipple - Long - Lambretta LI SX TV GP


Lambretta gear-operation cable nipples with a 4mm Allen grub screw and collar enabling fuss-free attachment. 

10 x 13.8mm

Every Lambretta rider and mechanic knows the problem: the miniature Allen locking screws for the gear control cables are quickly worn or already completely rounded, making their instalment fiddly and time-consuming. 

  • 4mm Allen grub-screw
  • Collar ensuring exact and hassle free positioning
  • 10mm outer holding tool size
  • Exact external dimensioning for improved operational stability
  • Including screw-end shim to prevent cable damage

The improved design of our SIP cable nipples for Lambretta models gear-operation mechanism provides a solution for both of these problems. They are equipped with a fixing screw that requires a 4mm Allen key tool, the increase in size making it more durable against wear and mechanical abuse. Its outer dimensions have also grown to now be held in place with a 10mm spanner.

The upper edge of the nipple has been provided with a positioning collar, designed to rest on the perimeter of the opening on the rocker lever. This effectively prevents the cable nipples from slipping through the rocker lever openings during mounting, which helps keep you smiling during the job!

These SIP Cable Nipples are also equipped with a screw-end shim, located between the screw and the cable. These protect the cables flanks from damage when the fixing screw is fully tightened.

A small and inexpensive part, solving a big and potentially maddening problem!

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