MRB RT Racetour Reed Valve 225cc 70mm Piston - Lambretta LI SX TV GP 200


Piston for Lambretta bgm PRO MRB RaceTour with reed valve intake, 70mm diameter.

The kit is made up of piston, two 1mm thick steel piston rings, gudgeon pin and clips.

The piston is exclusively manufactured by the company Meteor.A perfect choice if you have converted your RT 225 cylinder to reed and are looking for a piston with ports and cutout.

Also, it is ideal for the TS1 cylinders. If used with Monza cylinders, the flat geometry of the combustion chamber of the Monza cylinder heads shall be adapted to the profile of the bgm pistons.

The piston is provided with a MoS2 running-in coating which reduces the friction and comes off during the running-in period.

The curvature of the piston head is the same as of the genuine Lambretta piston.

The windows in the piston have reinforcing ribs on the inside.

The coated and steel piston rings are extremely resistant and robust, therefore also suitable for wide exhaust ports.

The whole piston kit weighs 285gr.
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