Motorino Diavolo Sequential Selector Box - 4 Gear - Lambretta LI SX TV GP


Precise, rapid and secure : changing gear with a solid click, just like on a motorcycle. This gear changing mechanism from MOTORINO DIAVOLO transforms the usual Lambretta gear selection process to that of a sequential gear changer. This makes it almost impossible to falsely select a gear. 

The new gear changing alters the operation of the handlebar gear selector. The twist-grip returns to its original 'neutral' position following every gear change. This means, similar to the operation of a motorcycle gear selector lever, it is moved in the direction of the next gear up or down the gearbox and then released. The central feature of the MOTORINO DIAVOLO gear changer mechanism is the gear selector. The selector arm is replaced by a small precise ratchet mechanism that shifts the selector rod into the next gears position. The gear selector grip is returned to its 'neutral' position with the help of a spring, attached to the selector rods.

This mechanism is quickly and easily mounted to the engine. Simply replace the selector arm and the old selector rod with the selector ratchet and adjustable selector rod. Then attach the springs holder to the selector rod and adjust it suitably. The ratchet return assembly should then be checked for clear movement. An illustrated set of mounting instructions, in both English and German, is included with the kit.

To ensure correct function it is advisable to carefully set up the operating cables, which ideally are new and also of modern low friction type.

Scope of delivery:

- gear selector

- spring bush

- gasket

- mounting instruction

- selector rod

- spacer plate

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