Casa Cyclone 5 Speed Gearbox - Lambretta LI SX TV GP

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5 Speed transmission kit from Casa Performance.

The gear ratios are close enough to enable a constant acceleration while changing up through the gears. The overall range of these gears covers the speeds available by using the original 4-speed transmission from 1st to 4th, almost identical with the gears of the DL/GP models engine. This makes it possible to pull briskly away from the traffic lights without incinerating the clutch, while also allowing an acceptable motorway cruising speed at a modest rpm.

The team at CASA PERFORMANCE were not only concerned with providing useful gear ratios, but also the more basic challenge of fitting a 5-speed transmission within the confines of a standard Lambretta gearbox. This problem is usually solved by making the individual cogs much thinner, to squeeze five gears into the space normally occupied by just four. The 'Cyclone 5' transmission however, is made up of cogs that are almost as thick as the originals. This has been enabled by maximum exploitation of the available room in the existing gearbox.

To ensure enduring employment within the more highly-tuned engines, CASA PERFORMANCE have managed much improvement as far as the production quality and standards of such conversion kits are concerned. This involves electro-polishing of the gear cog flanks, an advanced process that makes their surface especially durable.

We recommend a primary-drive ratio of 18/47 or 19/46. The individual gear ratios are: 9/45, 12/41, 14/38, 16/36, 18/35. The kit includes both a strengthened selector spring and a selector spider.


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