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BGM Pro MRB RT Race Tour 195 Cylinder Kit - Lambretta LI SX GP 125 150


The RT225 kit is designed by Mark Broadhurst for fast road use. Once fitted, the engines are easy to ride and feel like an original Innocenti Lambretta engine but with double the power of a standard engine.

The cylinders offer a significantly increased performance and therefore more practicality and driving pleasure. The power is relatively early in the rev range and the kits have enough torque to drive even longer gear ratios.

The carburettor sits like the original cylinder on the left side. There is no need to make any changes to the frame or attachments. This makes the RaceTour the ideal cylinder for those who do not want to change their Lambretta visually, but still do not want to sacrifice performance.

The kit is easy to fit and comes with all the needed studs, washers, gaskets and so on.

  • Ceramic plated alloy barrel
  • Four fixings of exhaust stub
  • 200 cc inlet stud spacing on small and large block barrels
  • Italian made (Meteor) piston kit with running-in coating (195cc =Ø65mm, 225cc =Ø70mm)
  • Two 1 mm piston rings (made in Italy)
  • Fully CNC machined anti warp head made from billet alloy with recess into bore and four additional fixing screws (8 fixings in total). Made in Germany.
  • Compression ratio for highest reliability
  • Porting spec for high powered touring with lots of torque and wide power band
  • Improved fuel economy saves money paying for the kit long term
  • Improved casting thickness around the cylinder head and base gasket, so it can be easily tuned

Free postage on all UK orders

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