BGM Pro Clubman V4.0 Exhaust in Silver - Lambretta LI SX TV GP 1 2 3


The latest edition of the BGM PRO Clubman was completely re-designed from sketch. Moreover BGM changed the origin of the production to Europe.

The focus on the design of this V4 version has been an exhaust with the same power, but much better sound absorption than on the previous versions. The internal part of the sound dampening is a complete new design and gives the best noise level ever on the Big Box.

The second focus has been on the improvement of the overall build quality. All areas that have been shown as critical are now brazed instead of being welded. This is also true for the main brackets. These have been enlarged and a reinforcing plate has been added between the main bracket and main box.

The bracket for fixing the Big Box to the engine has been heavily improved as well. The movement is now not just in horizontal direction, but as well in vertical direction. This adds to the very good fitment and you can adjust the ground clearance of the exhaust as much as your frame allows it. T

he strengthening plate between the exhaust main body and long tail pipe has also been re-designed and now also brazed instead of welded. The brazing process takes much longer, but the less heat that is applied to the material avoids the steel to get brittle.


  • Expansion chamber type performance
  • Lowest noise level on a Big Box ever
  • Higher volume of exhaust box
  • Improved ground clearance
  • Spring mounted exhaust stub system
  • Spring mounted U-bend
  • Strengthened in all critical areas
  • Easy fit threaded main bracket retainer
  • Re-designed adjustable brackets to suit cylinder height and ground clearance
  • Designed to work and fit

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