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BGM Pro AC HP V4.0 Stator Plate - Lambretta LI SX TV GP


High power output stator plate with ultimate reliability, works with all electronic ignition systems that are based on the Ducati 6-pole electronic ignition system.

his stator plate is now the fourth version. All the well proven features remained, but BGM changed the casings for the base plate to make it much more solid.
The slots for the ignition timing adjustment are much larger. And for all applications that are not using the BGM flywheel, three little spacers are supplied to adjust the Pickup height to solve misfiring problems because of not aligning Pickups and triggers.

  • Improved power output for better lights
  • Well proved low tension coil with copper for maximum reliability
  • Pickup with a carbon barrier layer for a clean ignition signal
  • bgm branded pickup
  • Black and grey cable cover delivered on Lambretta stator plate
  • Sufficient cable length for individual cable routing
  • High quality light coils
  • Clean solder joints

    Free postage on all UK orders

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